Starting with the moment when you have decided to launch an order (for curtains, draperies or wallpaper) to our company, the technical team of our workshop for customization of the products chosen according to your preferences will begin to perform some activities.
In order to prepare the decoration offer, it is mandatory to perform firstly the measurements.

Important: the measurement will be carried out for free in Bucharest (for measurements out of the city, the related tariffs shall be priory communicated).

• the assembling team of our workshop will come to you on the basis of a prior planning (for carrying out the measurements, the home finishing must be completed - the floor mounted, the ceiling finished)

• after carrying out of the measurements, the advisor responsible for your order shall receive all the information necessary to guide you to make the right choice;

• the assembling team shall find out and eliminate the potential difficulties related to the installation of a certain system (sizes too large of the windows, unleveled ceiling, etc.)

• also, upon carrying out the measurements, the potential subsequent wishes of the client shall be taken into consideration to avoid potential issues

• if the walls or the ceiling, where holders shall be fixed, are made of gypsum board, the weight of the decorative elements to be installed shall be taken into consideration.